Other State and Federal Resources for Businesses and Employers

*This page last updated 4/07/2020 @ 4:25 pm**

United States Congress: 

Centers for Disease Control:  The CDC has a dedicated page to provide resources for businesses and employers. There is now a separate website for COVID-19 by the CDC called www.coronavirus.gov. This website contains links for businesses and individuals.

Governor Kay Ivey has launched altogether.org, an online resource that will serve as an up-to-date hub of information for the state’s response to the coronavirus crisis. The site is the state’s official guide to COVID-19 relief efforts, to help empower those impacted by the outbreak and those who want to offer support.

Alabama Department of Commerce:  The Department of Commerce has developed a resource page for businesses in Alabama.

Alabama Department of Insurance:  The Alabama Department of Insurance has established a page for insurance consumers and providers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham:  Sabre Finance is a nonprofit lender that seeks to promote economic growth and investment through the provision of financial and technical assistance programs. If your small business is currently struggling or has questions regarding operating during this uncertain time due to COVID-19, you may wish to contact Sabre.  You can email Sabre directly at info@sabrefinance.org

The United Way of Central Alabama:  The United Way of Central Alabama has set up a COVID-19 Community Response.

Federal Government: https://www.usa.gov/coronavirus