Property Zoning Information

As you begin to review suitable locations for your proposed business, check the zoning designation to ensure the proposed business type is permitted for that location. Zoning regulations are adopted standards for types of uses to which a business can be located; and physical characteristics for the development of property such as maximum height of buildings, number of parking spaces required, and more. Special areas known as Planned Unit Developments (PUDS) typically have additional requirements and approvals beyond the zoning regulations.

  • Step 1: Check the GIS website to determine the zoning designation for the location. (Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer.)
  • Step 2: Learn about the zoning regulations for the zoning designation.
  • Step 3: If the intended use of the property is not in accordance with the zoning designation, you may initiate action to request a conditional use or to rezone the property. Requests for conditional use or rezoning must go before the Planning & Zoning Commission and Hoover City Council for approval. Our team will work through this process with you.
  • Step 4: Contact us at or 205-444-7648 for additional assistance.